Bio-Intelligent Women's Health

Center Yourself

None else will do it for you. You are in charge of you. I work with women who are seeking balance at the root level to restore flow and radiance to their whole-body and whole-psyche. Whether it’s longstanding issues that they have been unable to resolve with allopathic medicine, or arising challenges with female transitions, a return to the wise woman root is the best place to start.

Modern Functional Approaches
Ancient Women’s Therapies

Bio-Intelligent women’s health



A woman’s body exquisitely prepares her eggs for conception about four months before they are released from her ovary. Pre-conception therapies during this time nourishes the whole woman, improves egg quality, and encourages a healthy and joyful pregnancy.

Abdominal therapies in conjunction with IVF fertility treatments increase the likelihood of success.

We work together to make your pituitary happy, regulate your cycles, restore optimal hormonal, blood and lymph flow through your womb, help the uterus and bladder into happy functional positions, and soothe your nervous system so that you feel joyful and at ease as you prepare your nest.


Hormone balance + menstrual health

The body is always striving for flow. Chronic hormonal, mood, and pelvic organ problems can self-correct with treatments that honor the exquisite intricacy of the female body. I help women to understand and correct the root imbalances underlying their symptoms. The more common conditions I work with are:

Perimenopause + Cronehood

You absolutely need nurturing touch now, just as much as you did during your maiden and mothering years. I specialize in womb warming, gentle abdominal therapies and plant medicine to ease your transition into the wise woman sisterhood. Center yourself. Feel your radiant best!

Specialties include: