About Me

I help women connect with their innate, wild wisdom through fertility, birth, mothering, and menopause. I hold neutral space for women to slow down and occupy their bodies in new ways. My specialties are community midwifery, restorative pelvic bodywork, bio-intelligent women’s healthcare, and plant medicine.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed Midwife (LM), Idaho Board of Midwifery
  • Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), North American Registry of Midwives
  • Holistic Pelvic Care™ Provider
  • Certified Birth Healing Specialist at The Institute for Birth Healing
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Provider and CPR, American Heart Association

Education & Training

  • 2021 Functional Medicine Training at New Medicine for Women Institute with Aviva Romm
  • 2004 Postgraduate Certificate of Midwifery from The Seattle Midwifery School (Now Bastyr)
  • 2003 – 2005 Student Midwife at Around the Circle Midwifery in Olympia WA; Student under Siri Jackman CNM at Holy Rosary Medical Center in Ontario OR, student under Treasure Valley Midwives in Boise ID
  • 2004 Student Midwife at Port Vila Hospital, Vanuatu
  • 1998 Birthing From Within™ Doula Certification

Birth Experience

  • 2014 – Present Homebirth Midwife in Hailey, Idaho
  • 2005-2013 Practicing midwife in New Mexico and Montana, homebirth and birth center
  • 2000 Doula, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco CA
  • 1998  Doula, Albuquerque NM
Strong Women Create Vibrant Communities


To provide women with opportunities to reconnect with their innate, sovereign power and energetic radiance through midwifery care, homebirthing, conscious mothering, holistic and bio-intelligent women’s healthcare, womb and pelvic healing and plant medicine.

To provide fathers and families with opportunities to reconnect with the gentleness, joy and magic of homebirth, and to rediscover the unlimited capacity of embodied women to create transform society.


I want free, holistic midwifery care available to every woman wherever she chooses to give birth. I wish to create a woman-led, woman-centered community health space free to all, for every woman in the valley to show up and receive nurtured healing arts and healthcare services as needed. The space will serve as a comfortable, welcoming, safe place for embodied exploration in support groups, movement, dance, and for the provision of bio-intelligent healthcare services including midwifery, adolescent, and maternal and child health.

My Midwifery Philosophy

Witnessing women step through the birth door for over twenty years has taught me that the safest, most transformative, and joyful births tend to be those with the least interference. Rooted, embodied, fierce women are the most important ingredient for healthy families, communities and ecosystems.

All life on Earth is wild and mysterious and resilient. Women are the highest example of this, embodying the blood mysteries from menarche to menopause. We sync with the natural rhythms of the earth and moon. We create, release, and create again.

As the life givers, women have been guardians of birth and mothering since the beginning. Patriarchal societies have severed women from their wisdom and power, and disrupted the transmission of women’s wisdom and power. Childbearing tradition and wisdom and must be collectively returned to women. When women are restored as the guardians of their bodies and births, societies and the Earth’s ecology will be poised to return to optimal flow, function, and health.

Community midwives have assisted women since we were early humans, tending to all aspects of female health, fertility, birth,  plant medicine, birth control, and mothering. In order to keep the wisdom web intact for future generations, midwives must double down in the face of adversity, persecution and prosecution and continue to hold space for the wild nature of birth and the capacity of women to birth spontaneously and joyfully. This must include advocating for the repeal of restrictive midwifery laws that give the state authority over how and where women give birth.

Primal, physiologic birthing ensures the completion of essential neurological and hormonal loops vital to human survival, emotional security and life-long physical health. Nature designed this process to ensure the best outcomes.  Physiologic birth should be the gold standard for childbirth across all settings — hospital, birth center and home., and with all types of providers. We will create happier societies by ensuring all women have access to the birthright of primal, physiologic birth.

Giving birth at home offers the best chance of having a safe, physiologic birth for healthy women. Homebirth allows women to birth in a self-directed manner. With a felt sense of privacy, the mammalian birthing brain surrenders to the hormones of labor. Women’s bodies can take over, free from interruption and intervention. Birthing at home allows families to welcome their baby in their own intimate way, unencumbered by institutional preferences and practices.

Giving birth at home protects the species-specific, microbiome seeding of the baby at birth. Medical research has illuminated how this immunologic microbial programming of babies is essential for lifelong health. When a new baby is born immersed in the family’s natural ecology at home they have the best odds of an optimal microbiome seeding via vaginal birth exposure to vaginal and rectal microbes, immediate skin to skin time, and ongoing skin to skin in a warm safe environment.

Physiologic birth sets women and babies up for optimal co-regulation after birth. Their bodies need one another to feel safe and at ease. Separation, which stresses both of them, is avoided. Even short, unnecessary separation causes mothers and babies both anxiety and disrupted biorhythms. This is minimized at home. Along with co-regulation, the traditional postpartum rest period at home sets women up for a happy, healthy year after birth.

The vast majority of healthy women can give birth without medical assistance. The ability give birth instinctively is encoded in our DNA and retained in our cellular matrix. There is an appropriate place for medicine in childbirth. Modern obstetrics has contributed life-saving procedures and treatments to maternal and infant health. When appropriate, I swiftly bridge midwifery and medicine for the safest outcome. I believe the use of obstetric technology should be applied judiciously and consciously to high risk women and babies when it is likely to result in safer outcomes. I am grateful for the mutually respectful collaborative relationships I have with physicians. When medical intervention is warranted, women and babies have the best outcomes and most satisfying experiences when midwives and physicians work together to support woman-centered, physiological birth.


Erin Sweeney Ⓒ 2013