Why Homebirth?

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Birth is not one moment in time. Birth is a continuum of all the prenatal readying, reveling, and becoming. The solo descent into the limitless and lightless abyss of female power, and the wringing out of all things known. Birth is the the making of the mother and the making of the baby and their awakening to the purest love that can be experienced. It is the ecstasy, the suffering, the surrender, the healing, the integration afterwards. Birth is the wild, ancient process that tethers humanity to one another, and to the spirit door.

Homebirth is honoring the continuum of innate female wisdom. It is a choice to claim sovereignty and a commitment to sensing and allowing the wisdom of women's bodies and babies to lead the way.

You trust your body will lead you through the birth process, just as billions of women before you have done.

You want a care provider who understands that birth is an instinctive and wild process that usually works best without interference.

Who understands that birth is a sacred rite of passage.

Who is committed to guiding you with love and reverence as your motherhood story unfolds

And who will use all the medical tools and tricks of the trade when they are truly warranted and desired by the mother

You know that the privacy of your home will help you surrender more deeply into labor and birth.

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